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Don Richmond

Singer-Songwriter, Performer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer

"Don Richmond's singing and songwriting pack a disarming punch, going down like good bourbon in Rocky Mountain spring water. Like his song says, his is a story worth telling."
 – Justin Mitchell, The Rocky Mountain News
"Richmond's voice has both character and warmth."
 – Tom Popson, Chicago Tribune
"There have been a lot of golden nights along the Colorado - New Mexico border in the last fifteen years, and Don Richmond has put the shine on more than his share. A Colorado Peter Rowan..."
 – John Swinney, KTAO, Taos, New Mexico
"Check out this musician of many instruments and talents... This piece of work provides good acoustic listening. The mixing and recording quality are top-notch."
 – John Bricker, Power Pickin' (Colorado Bluegrass Association newsletter)
"A musician's musician. ...during this song a child right behind me stopped sitting quietly and started singing along right out loud. She didn't know the music or the words - only that she WANTED to sing with Don Richmond. I recommend you begin collecting Richmond's music, which on Story and Mirage covers folk, bluegrass, just plain pickin', popular, country, jazz, and blues forms. He's just beginning. In another decade I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the San Luis Valley's musical gem composed an oratorio, concerto, opera, and hymnal and meanwhile continued to pen the songs that endure as classics: Cathedral, Me and Chico, A Story Worth the Telling. There are many more."
 – John Hill, The Valley Courier
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