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Like Lazarus

Like Lazarus (available for sale here) is the first new singer-songwriter CD from Don since No Man's Land came out in 2002. It has 12 original songs either written or co-written by Don, as well as a cover of the Michael Hearne/Susan Gibson/Monica Smart song Evergreen, which also features Michael Hearne on guitars and harmony vocals. The cover features a painting by Don's friend Dave Montgomery, which is a stylized landscape of Don's home in the San Luis Valley, and is meant to convey the world that Lazarus sees when he steps out of his cave/tomb after being resurrected. As it says in Don's liner notes:

Why “Like Lazarus”? In July of 2007 I began a series of medical adventures that began with emergency surgery removing about a third of my large colon due to the diagnosis of stage 4 colon cancer. The path led through some severe post-surgical complications that nearly led me into the great beyond, then through a few months of recovery from the surgery and complications, then six months or so of chemotherapy, as well as numerous alternative therapies and approaches. I was also the recipient of a truly unbelievable amount of support, prayer, well wishes, good vibes, and plain old love, not to mention the every day/every hour loving care of my wife Teri and my family and friends. The result of all this was that in the spring of 2008 I was pronounced free from any signs of cancer. This journey has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. In many ways it has been a blessing, and certainly a great teacher. This journey also finds its reflection and expression in several of these songs, as well as the title – truly a story of rebirth, reawakening, and resurrection.

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