Fred Shumate with Don Richmond / On the Wayside


Fred Shumate with Don Richmond / On the Wayside


"I am pleased to announce the release of my new CD: Fred Shumate “On The Wayside” with Don Richmond . Produced and recorded at Howlin’ Dog Records, in the Western/Funk/Americana and Hillbilly-Sophisticate musical tradition. In celebration of the Southwestern United States, Mexico and other uncommon places, people and things. I am very excited about this new recording, it has great musicianship and some really good songs! I sincerely hope you will agree."

And we agree! He calls it "Western Funk Americana, and Hillbilly Sophisticate - celebrating the Southwestern US, Mexico and other uncommon people, places and things!"

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Roll On Colorado

On The Wayside

Mula, Mula

Chaco For Chocolate


Under The Volcano

San Antonio-Texas

New Mexico

Listen To The Raindrops


I Got A Ride