Richmond Brothers / Roots & Branches

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Richmond Bros cover scan.jpg

Richmond Brothers / Roots & Branches


This record celebrates the common roots and the wide-spreading branches of the musical lives of three brothers – Jim, Ed, and Don Richmond. It represents both a rejoining of individual pathways taken down three lifetimes of music and at the same time an honoring of a common musical heritage. It also seeks to help nurture a legacy in the form of a musical scholarship which will hopefully be the root of more musical growth and exploration in future years.

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Summer Wages

July, You're a Woman

Old Man River

One Less Set of Footsteps

What Have You Got Planned Tonight Diana

Pickin' Up the Pieces

The Dutchman

Everything's Broken Down

Paid in Advance

Forget Me Not

Darkness, Darkness

Love Lost and Found

Go and Say Goodbye

Helplessly Hoping


The Story