Dave Miller - Southern Dreams

Dave Miller traveled the North American continent as the leader of the "hillbilly rock fusion" band Gumbo back in the 1970s and 80s, enchanting and entertaining audiences everywhere with his ready wit and warm expression of a kind of Ozark-bred joy and wonder. He spent a few decades achieving great success in business and personal development, but the music never left, as is usually the case when it comes from the heart and soul. He's been saving it up, and fortunately for all his listeners and fans, it's all coming out, both with his previous release of "Just Flow", his heartfelt tribute to his dear friend and bandmate Pat Hooper, and in this solo release, co-produced with Howlin' Dog Records Don Richmond. It has the blend, width and depth that Gumbo fans used to love, and more - featuring a fine blend of both an acoustic back porch vibe and driving electric guitars, featuring Richmond and Dave's old Gumbo bandmate Robear Bosdorf. There are great open-hearted love songs and wry observations of southern culture, and most important, that twinkle in the eye that everyone who ever saw Dave perform will remember.

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